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The Headquarters Museum Exhibitions



The extension and new exhibition of the Headquarters Museum were opened to the public on 4.6.2001.The exhibition illustrates the events of the war years. An abundance of film and sound material and multimedia programmes give the exhibition completely new dimensions.

Graphic artist Kari Piippo designed the visual look of the exhibition concentrating on striking largescale photographs and objects connected with the theme.

A multimedia programme, "Finland´s war years", manuscript by Ilkka Seppinen Dr. Pol.Sc.¨, has been produced for the exhibition. It contains a collection of information on important wartime events and people. You can also try your hand at the "Lokki Game" multimedia programme designed by Lt. Col. Antti Juutilainen. Several computers enable to visitor to listen to speeches by Marshal Mannerheim, Presidents Kallio and Ryti, and General Heinrichs.

The Headquarters Museum also enables you to study a substantial collection of film material. There are news reels from 1939-1945 assembled from the HQ film archives.


24.2. – 21.5. State of Art – Finnish State Art Commission 60 years: BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE

Mikkeli Art Museum / Headquarters Museum

The Finnish State Art Commission will celebrate its anniversary by showing its extensive collection with a series of exhibitions across different parts of Finland. The exhibition entities are selected by Marketta Haila.

The collection of The Finnish State Art Commission is one of the largest in Finland, consisting of approximately 13 600 works of art. The works for the collection are acquired from exhibitions and directly from the artist. Public contract works are a central part of the collection.

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2.5.- 31.12.2017 If it had been me

The new Centre of War and Peace, Muisti (Memory), is under construction in the headquarters city Mikkeli. The centre will operate as a nationally and internationally significant information centre and online service. The 2017 exhibition in the Headquarters museum provides a sample of interactive exhibitions in the future centre. The If it had been me exhibition brings the visitor closer to the feelings and memories of those who have lived through war. The experiences of children, women and men in our last wars are observed. The exhibition combines digital aspects with art and war history.

This is a story we must not forget.



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