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The Stone Sacristy

Suur Savo Museum - The Stone Sacristy


The stone sacristy that stands in the middle of Porrassalmenkatu has defied time for several centuries. This building is connected with Mikkeli's early history and it is not known precisely when it was built. Before, it was thought to date from the 14th century, but according to the latest research it dates from the 16th century. It received its present external appearance at the beginning of the last century. The building was restored and the roof rebuilt.

In the early 1930s the Suur-Savo Museum Association collected articles from Mikkeli's neighbouring parishes and put this set of articles on display in the stone sacristy.

Today the stone sacristy is under the control of Mikkeli Museums and is open to the public in the summertime.

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  Photo: Timo Kilpeläinen

Stone Sacristy
Porrassalmenkatu 32 A


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