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Suur Savo Museum Research

Suur Savo Museum Research


In summer 1996 the Suur-Savo Museum and the Department of Archaeology of the University of Helsinki started the Iron Age Village Project with the aim of researching the Iron Age in the Mikkeli district.

The archaeological excavations begun in summer 1996 continued in the summers of 1997 and 1998. The excavations were carried out in the fields at Kenkäveronniemi. The results were very promising and the intention is to continue the field studies.


Excavations at Kenkäveronniemi, summer 1997.

In addition to the field studies, planning for the Iron Age Centre Project was begun in 1998, for which funding was obtained from the EU.

The plan for the Iron Age Centre Project drawn up by the Project Secretary, Leena Lehtinen, was finished at the end of 1998. On the basis of this plan, the intention in the next few years is to make it possible for visitors to Kenkäveronniemi to see the everyday life of the Iron Age as a whole.

As a result of commercializing the Iron Age Centre Project, commercial museum products were created that are on sale in the museum. The following are available from the museum's sales office:
-a storage bag made by Ulpu Lohikainen using the ‘knitted mitten’ technique
-a firesteel with accessories made by Veikko Leskinen
-a clay doll wearing an ancient costume of the Mikkeli district made by Mirja Ratilainen
-a paperknife in imitation of an Iron Age spearhead made by Eeva-Kaisa Ehrnrooth.